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We don’t just offer advice and strategy consultancy; we can manage complex programmes and roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in delivering a project, ensuring tangible outcomes and sustainable success. At NovAzure, we are committed to driving innovation, sustainability and growth, one project at a time.

Our team brings a wealth of experience from both the corporate and the start-up worlds, uniquely positioning us to drive impactful change and growth in complex environments.

How can I get help with running an internal start-up?

  • NovAzure has built, led and then handed-over innovative new businesses wholly within a corporate’s own structure, behaving as a start-up until the time was right for it to be handed over to the existing business.

What kind of Start-ups Does NovAzure Have In Its Ecosystem?

  • NovAzure’s ecosystem is always expanding, but already includes start-ups and scale-ups innovating sustainably in sectors like new carbon footprint-measuring applications, carbon-negative material suppliers, advanced battery technologies enabling electrification of mobility and advanced electric stationary storage systems to cooling data centres in the most efficient and sustainable way.
  • You can find some of the members of our start-ups and scale-ups ecosystem here (link).

Anything else that NovAzure can help your corporate to overcome about innovation that supports the transition to Net Zero?

  • With a track record of successfully managing and implementing transformative change, M&A and divestment programmes, turnarounds, implementing growth strategies, and net zero projects, we are adept at navigating the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving landscape. 
  • We are used to overcoming other potential corporate blockers to innovation, including resource allocation constraints, the constraints of an existing market position and customer expectations on truly disrupting a marketplace, legacy corporate systems and processes
  • With NovAzure’s approach to Net Zero Innovation, Corporates can unlock the full potential of innovation for Net Zero through either NovAzure’s network of solution providers or establishing their own Corporate Start-up capabilities in house, driving impactful change at a high pace whilst securing a sustainable future for the planet and a profitable future for their organisation.
  • NovAzure can provide CPD-approved training to teams that need a deeper understanding of climate change, sustainability, the implications of legislation and other pressures and how to take these into account whilst innovating.

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What Our Partners and Customers Say



“In a very short space of time NovAzure has become a key partner for Marubeni in Europe. As part of our strategy to build partnerships and new business models focused on the future of mobility Chris Gruen has proactively provided market insight and introductions to some of the most exciting start-ups in this space.”

– Giles Delafeld, Chief Digital Officer

“Chris and his network has been a great entry point for opportunities, mainly on the area of Hydrogen and Smart Cities, which has allowed EDF R&D team to reach new partners. Recently, with Urbanomy (the new EDF consultancy venture for Urban and Energy Planning) we are focusing on local projects and innovative technologies to address the Net Zero strategy implementation within cities and regions”

– Benjamin Mousseau, CTO & Partnerships

“Chris and the team from NovAzure have become a trusted advisor to Artelia UK. Through their advisory service they have given us the confidence to reposition our programme team’s business model.”

– Matthew Buntine, Director

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