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Our approach beyond conventional solutions by seeking to empower businesses to leverage revolutionary sustainable practices whilst driving economic growth.

How we can help

We do this through our extensive network of innovative solution providers and/or by helping corporate customers to apply new approaches that help them to innovate their businesses more like a Start-up. Through our extensive network of innovative solution providers, we help corporate clients apply new approaches that encourage Founder Mentality to innovate their businesses more like a startup.

Accelerating Corporate Innovation: Overcoming Common Challenges

We understand the hurdles that corporations face in driving innovation.

Our expertise lies in identifying and addressing these challenges head-on, enabling businesses to navigate the path to accelerated innovation successfully.

Bureaucracy and Hierarchical Structures 

  • Is your corporation bogged down by complex hierarchies and bureaucratic processes?Does your corporation have complex hierarchies and necessary bureaucratic processes that can slow down decision-making and hinder innovation?

  • When working with start-ups, whether they are developed internally or through external partnerships, corporations often encounter challenges in maintaining early innovation momentum that impacts the expected value creation maturity.When working with start-ups that are created in-house or as a collaboration with an external start-up, corporates can find that early innovation traction is later lost and value creation maturity is below business expectations. 
  • NovAzure is experienced at curating successful collaborations between corporates and start-ups (with a flat hierarchy and more agile decision-making).  From our ecosystem,  NovAzure identifies start-ups to meet your requirements and manages expectations on both sides to ensure effective collaborations for both R&D and business development.
  • We work with senior leaders to align innovation programmes with their goals and priorities so they want to champion innovative initiatives within the organisation.
  • These can impede decision-making and hinder innovation. NovAzure specialises in fostering agile collaborations between corporates and startups, breaking down hierarchical barriers to facilitate effective R&D and business development.

Risk Aversion

  • Large corporations may be more risk-averse due to their size, established reputation, and financial stakes. This can make it difficult for them to take the bold risks decisions often associated with innovative ventures.OR Large corporations often exhibit risk-averse tendencies due to their size, high financial stakes and established reputation, making it challenging to embrace innovative ventures. NovAzure helps corporates leverage the capabilities of startups to take calculated decisions and experiment with new ideas more rapidly. 
  • NovAzure can help corporates to leverage the right Start-ups’ capabilities to take risks and experiment with new ideas more quickly.  We have developed processes thato provide the right level of oversight and alignment to ensure that risks are managed and mitigated.

Lack of Internal Entrepreneurial Culture

  • Does your company have large existing business lines that account for the majority of its resources, attention and profits?
  • It can be challenging to set aside enough time and focus to innovate and establish credible alternative business lines for the future.
  • Through our Venture Builder Programme, corporates gain access to novel technologies and business models, enabling them to navigate the transition to Net Zero with agility and efficiency.  NovAzure can provide support in fostering to embed establish an internal start-up culture within dedicated teams, which is characterised by a willingness to challenge the status quo, promote fostering collaboration, embrace failure as a learning opportunity and continuously experimenting with new ideas.

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What Our Customers and Partners Say



“In a very short space of time NovAzure has become a key partner for Marubeni in Europe. As part of our strategy to build partnerships and new business models focused on the future of mobility Chris Gruen has proactively provided market insight and introductions to some of the most exciting start-ups in this space.”

– Giles Delafeld, Chief Digital Officer

“Chris and his network has been a great entry point for opportunities, mainly on the area of Hydrogen and Smart Cities, which has allowed EDF R&D team to reach new partners. Recently, with Urbanomy (the new EDF consultancy venture for Urban and Energy Planning) we are focusing on local projects and innovative technologies to address the Net Zero strategy implementation within cities and regions”

– Benjamin Mousseau, CTO & Partnerships

“Chris and the team from NovAzure have become a trusted advisor to Artelia UK. Through their advisory service they have given us the confidence to reposition our programme team’s business model.”

– Matthew Buntine, Director

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