Growth Ecosystem


  • Leveraging Partnerships for growth?
    • Can you see potential for collaborations that would enable you to compete in new segments and markets?  What makes a good partner to support this growth?
    • NovAzure has an extensive eco-system of clients and partners which we regularly introduce to one another where we see that they y might form a synergistic collaboration.  We can help you to think through what kinds of partnership deals best suit your requirements.
  • Working effectively with large corporates?
    • We know from personal experience that efforts to collaborate with corporates can very trying for both scale-ups and the corporates.  There are many reasons why this is challenging
    • With decades of corporate experience in the team and a track-record of scale-up operations, NovAzure actively curates a number of successful scale-up/ corporate collaborations across R&D and BD activities.  We can help you to identify the right collaborations and establish a sustainable, win-win approach.
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