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Tailored Strategies from Vision to Growth

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What our customers say about NovAzure



“NovAzure made sure they rapidly understood our complex business and challenged us to think differently about what we knew. They helped us define the right business models and commercial strategy to maximise value from our IP. We’re pleased with NovAzure’s excellent work and intend to carry on working with them as long-term partners to accelerate our company growth”

– David Craig, CEO at Iceotope

“NovAzure has been instrumental in helping us to complete our target of a €10M Series A fundraising, to support the next phase of TWT’s growth. They provided invaluable support through difficult market conditions and the need for business model innovation ”

– Lara van Druten, Founder & CEO at The Waste Transformers

“We have worked with NovAzure on various projects over the last 3 years and continue to do so. They helped us with Strategic advisory and Fund raising. What we like is the lever of detail the NovAzure team go to in order to understand the challenges we are trying to find a solution for. NovAzure really take the time and effort to help develop solutions that match our customer needs. They helped us plan for the future and ultimately build the business we have today”

– Dan Martin, Founder of Elmtronics

Customer Stories

Enhancing a Liquid Cooling Solution Provider’s Business Model & Market Reach Through Value-Led Approach

Tags Iceotope, an innovative liquid cooling solution provider for data centres, embarked on a transformative.

Strategic Growth and Successful Investment Rounds in Sustainable Waste Management

Tags The Waste Transformers is a developer of a small-scale anaerobic digester solution for food.

Enhancing a Liquid Cooling Solution Provider’s Business Model & Market Reach Through Value-Led Approach

Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) scale-up having raised Seed, Series A.



Strategic investment, expert insights and business development

Pre-seed funding and deep knowledge support for a renewable technology company.

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