Licensing IP

  • If you have are developing great hardware IP, but have little or no capacity or experience for manufacturing, should you gear-up to produce solutions in-house or licence your IP to others for manufacture instead?  Or a combination of both?
  • If your technology includes hardware, then the implications for your business case of funding capital investment for manufacturing expansion in-house is going to be central to your current and potential investors’ view of the attractiveness of your company as an investment.
  • There are several different ways to approach licensing and multiple business models
  • NovAzure helps clients to tailor and prioritise their business models and the commercial terms of licences.
  • You may have concerns about the risk of a licensee stealing your secrets or putting them to a use without your permission.  The risk of IP leakage must be managed.  
  • NovAzure advises clients about the range commercial terms that are appropriate in order that the licence you grant to a licensee is used for the purposes intended in the manner intended for the fees intended.
  • Establishing the commercial terms of a licence is a negotiation between the parties.  NovAzure seeks to enable a licence to benefit to all parties by providing clarity and alignment around the both the intention and the wording of a licence, because it is a critical step to a sound working relationship based upon trust and shared vision.  NovAzure can facilitate the negotiation to a good outcome.
  • Once the commercial terms are drafted, then a legal expert may put them into the correct legal form for a contract.

This is a common question that we are asked at NovAzure again and again. As with all other ways to charge for products and services, there must be a price for a licence and NovAzure can help you.

The NovAzure team can explain the methods to value a licence and recommend which one is appropriate to value a particular licence in order to set prices. 

NovAzure has an evolving pricing practice, with proprietary modelling approaches to compare the value (total cost of ownership) of different, competing technologies and implications for pricing.

  • NovAzure does not provide legal advice or advice that is a substitute for legal advice.
  • We work alongside legal experts to develop commercial terms for licenses that meet the business requirements and then with legal experts to build the commercial intentions into a legal framework:
    • This means that you benefit from maximising the right expertise for the right tasks and avoid unnecessarily high legal expenses.
    • We can provide no-obligation details of legal firms that we already have experience of working with in this way, or we can work with your preferred legal advisers. 

Deal Prioritisation & Management


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“NovAzure made sure they rapidly understood our complex business and challenged us to think differently about what we knew. They helped us define the right business models and commercial strategy to maximise value from our IP. We’re pleased with NovAzure’s excellent work and intend to carry on working with them as long-term partners to accelerate our company growth”

– David Craig, CEO at Iceotope

“NovAzure has been instrumental in helping us to complete our target of a €10M Series A fundraising, to support the next phase of TWT’s growth. They provided invaluable support through difficult market conditions and the need for business model innovation ”

– Lara van Druten, Founder & CEO at The Waste Transformers

“NovAzure become part of the CityQ team after our pre-production prototypes were finished.
Being a loyal and very active investor NovAzure helped us with funding activities and connecting us to a great network in the mobility space! Together we were going through several fairs, events, pitches – not only engaging with investors but also potential customers, distributors and other stakeholders in the UK, Germany and Sweden. Beyond giving us strategic advice and were hands on and became part of our team. With their support we now entering our C-Sample stage and will hopefully go into production soon!

– Morten Rynning, CEO at CityQ

“We have worked with NovAzure on various projects over the last 3 years and continue to do so. They helped us with Strategic advisory and Fund raising. What we like is the lever of detail the NovAzure team go to in order to understand the challenges we are trying to find a solution for. NovAzure really take the time and effort to help develop solutions that match our customer needs. They helped us plan for the future and ultimately build the business we have today”

– Dan Martin, Founder of Elmtronics

“NovAzure helped us with a strategic analysis and recommendation for a new potential business expansion. They delivered a very high-quality work, with the right balance of information and challenges to help us build our strategy”

– Brian Allen, CEO at Rovco and Vaarst

“NovAzure provided a full-service to ensure that we secured the funding we needed to grow, with investors that understood our business and shared our vision. ”

– Finian Parrick, CEO at Minibems

“Being one of our first investors NovAzure had skin in the game right from the start. Applying NovAzure’s venture build program meant that they became part of our team, giving us not only strategic advice, but also structure to execute our implementation plan. The team helped us to accelerate our funding journey and create strategic partnerships which will enable us to apply a circular economy model, enhance our IP and eventually increase our valuation. NovAzure has been essential for us to grow! “

– Theodore Zannakis, CEO at Anodox

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