2050 hydrogen supply falls short of projected demand


In 2020, global supply /demand of hydrogen was in balance.  But by 2050, current pledges of supply will meet less than half of global projected H2 demand, estimated at 250Mt v. 530Mt.


hydrogen investmentFrom the perspective of innovation and investment, taking Europe &  North America combined, hydrogen investment trends 2018-2022 show that investment is still focussed on Production (approx. 90%), with Utilisation 8% and Storage and Distribution severely lagging at a combined 2%.

So, it is welcome news that nearly £50m ($64m) of Ofgem funding has been earmarked for UK hydrogen blending and de-blending projects, aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of transporting the energy carrier through existing gas grids.


Whilst the arguments for and against hydrogen’s use for full or partial substitution of natural gas for domestic use continue, with the economic case for full substitution looking doubtful, UK-based hydrogen infrastructure firm Element 2 has said that if the if the blending and de-blending trials are successful, then the project could eliminate the need for road transported hydrogen to its refuelling stations.

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