Speak to one of our partners
Speak to one of our partners

Through our comprehensive Net Zero Plus program, we not only assist in reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions but also guide stakeholders in setting up and executing Scope 3 reduction initiatives.

By leveraging our expertise and strategic partnerships, we transform the net zero challenge into a catalyst for innovation and growth within the built environment industry.

Our approach extends beyond mere emissions reduction; we strive to unlock new business opportunities for you by engaging with suppliers and clients to co-develop circular business models as partners.

By integrating sustainability principles into every aspect of operations, we not only mitigate Scope 3 emissions but also create avenues for new revenue streams. Together, we can reimagine the built environment, turning net zero challenges into thriving, sustainable business ecosystems.

As a Startup or Scale Up with a net zero offering towards the built environment we can help you to commercialize, fund and connect you to the right ecosystem to accelerate your go to market activities within an industry that usually suffers from longer sales cycles and slow adoption of innovation.

Contact us at NovAzure to shape the future of the Net Zero built environment while embracing the opportunities that new partnerships within your own eco systems may bring.

At NovAzure, we are poised to help you tackle these challenges head-on through collaboration

Land owners
Funding parties
Facility managers

In the realm of Net Zero challenges, decarbonising the built environment stands out as a critical imperative.

Particularly in the commercial and industrial sectors, buildings account for a substantial portion of global emissions, presenting a formidable obstacle to achieving sustainability targets.

From reducing energy consumption and implementing renewable energy solutions, optimising building design and operations, managing embodied carbon in retrofits or new builds, the journey to decarbonise commercial and industrial buildings is multifaceted and complex.

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