In the realm of the Mobility Transition there are significant and different challenges to take into account depending if you are an Innovator within the Mobility Transition or if you are a fleet manager in front of the task to decarbonise your fleet.

NovAzure extends its support to not only Startups, Scaleups, incumbent OEMs as well as Tier 1 or 2 suppliers such as vehicle battery or component manufacturers who as innovators are seeking to penetrate the electric mobility market.

Incumbent OEMs
Tier 1 Suppliers
Tier 2 Suppliers

We provide comprehensive assistance in launching and commercialising new technologies and features, entering new markets, and establishing operations for EVs, including new light electric vehicle classes.

Our team offers market insights and analysis, and strategic partnerships across the value chain and introductions to investors within the space to drive successful market entry and growth in the rapidly evolving electric mobility landscape.

With NovAzure’s guidance, startups and OEMs can capitalise on emerging opportunities, innovate with confidence, and contribute to the global transition towards sustainable transportation.

Common Challenges for Commercial Fleets

Decarbonising commercial fleets poses significant challenges, particularly in addressing emissions and transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs). 

  • Commercial fleets face hurdles such as high upfront costs, limited charging infrastructure and operational complexities in integrating EVs into their operations over time. 
  • The shift towards electrification requires careful consideration of fleet requirements, ranging from digital dispatching to optimising fleet efficiencies and selecting the right mix of electric vehicles, including two and three-wheelers, light electric vehicle categories, EVs including electrical vans and trucks for last-mile operations. 

At NovAzure, we offer strategic guidance as well as hands on implementation support  to navigate these challenges, advising on the most suitable decarbonisation strategies tailored to each fleet’s needs. Our expertise encompasses selecting the right charge point deployment approach, acceleration of network rollouts, facilitating seamless integration of EVs, and enhancing fleet management systems to maximise operational efficiency and sustainability.

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