Enhancing a Liquid Cooling Solution Provider’s Business Model and Market Reach Through Value-Led Approach

Iceotope, an innovative liquid cooling solution provider for data centres, embarked on a transformative journey to overcome challenges in business models, partnerships, value-led pricing, and intellectual property management.

How We Helped

In assisting Iceotope, we defined key business models and offers, delivering a partnership strategy and roadmap that connected them with vital partners and potential customers. Our team devised a pricing strategy that maximized the value of Iceotope’s intellectual property while ensuring customer loyalty, and implemented a pricing model that enabled premium pricing. To broaden market reach, we introduced a Value-Led Approach for defining tiered offers, maximizing market penetration and value generation. Additionally, we collaborated closely with the Marketing Director to implement a comprehensive multi-channel marketing and go-to-market plan. Our involvement also extended to providing IP software licenses for various ‘as-a-service’ offers, ensuring IP control, and enhancing security measures

The Value We Created

Through their strategic initiatives, Iceotope successfully formulated a value-led pricing strategy, significantly enhancing the monetisation of their intellectual property. They implemented a premium pricing model that boosted their revenue potential and developed a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model, providing a clearer understanding of their technology’s economic and environmental benefits. Additionally, Iceotope offered strategic support and coaching to their Marketing Director and leadership team, further empowering them to navigate the market effectively and solidify their position as an innovative leader in the liquid cooling solutions sector.

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If you are currently navigating the complexities of establishing effective business models, forming strategic partnerships, implementing value-led pricing, or managing licensing and intellectual property, please reach out to our data centres specialists: Jean-Jacques Joanna, Managing Director at jjouanna@novazure.com and Phil Cholerton, Partner at p.cholerton@novazure.com

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