Fleets spurring the EV revolution

One key catalyst to achieve net zero target is by increasing the EVs on the road.

And to this extent, fleet segment in the transport industry is usually somewhat overlooked. Fleet is a group of vehicles owned or leased by a business for commercial purposes. As the fleet segment is driving major demand on road vehicles, increasing adoption of EVs in the fleets will accelerate overall electrification objective.

 PwC in collaboration with Cornwall Insight have published a comprehensive report ‘Leading the charge! Fleet charging – a catalyst for the EV revolution’ which highlighted some key findings on how fleet charging can strengthen the EV adoption, key drivers and trends and outlined a possible roadmap to electrification. The report provided deep insights on the role and impact of fleets for the EV agenda including the connected ecosystem involving other players.

Leading the charge! Fleet charging – a catalyst for the EV revolution

Leading the charge! Fleet charging – a catalyst for the EV revolution” is a comprehensive report by PwC and Cornwall Insight that explores the role of fleet charging in advancing EV adoption. This SEO-focused report provides valuable insights, trends, and a roadmap for electrification. Discover how fleet charging can drive the EV revolution and contribute to the net-zero target.

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