The View of a NovAzure Intern

Henrik Tingström studies a double degree in Engineering Chemistry and Geochemistry in Stockholm, Sweden. Combined with previous experiences in the tech start-up sphere and data analysis, working with NovAzure seemed like a natural next step in order to enhance the understanding of new business development and venture capital – towards green energy and mobility solutions.

Can you please tell us about yourself and your experience at NovAzure?

I am a Norwegian-Swedish native with an entrepreneurial track-record and a big interest in technology. While previously been more on the engineering side of projects, I have always been curious about the funding series, business development and valuations.

Throughout my time at NovAzure, I was taught every aspect along new ventures that I was currently missing; how to successfully build pitch decks; how to speak with customers; how to organise financing & fundraising strategies; and perhaps most important for an aspiring entrepreneur – how to manage expectations.

On a weekly basis, I have mainly been crunching the numbers in Excel, attending calls with various clients, and built pitch decks in PowerPoint. When needed to, I have also met up with our founding partners in London to help out with sales meetings or travelled around Scandinavia for investor campaigns.

NovAzure visiting the new CityQ 'car e-bike'
Me in London with Chris Gruen for CityQ
Anodox is a client of ours in Gothenburg, Sweden

Who should apply for an internship or Analyst position at NovAzure?

NovAzure has a fantastic reputation in their niche since the partners of the firm have an impressive recognition in the intersection of energy, mobility, and finance. I do advice anyone to follow their channels and subscribe to newsletter – especially in these times of uncertainties and energy storage shortage.

Looking back at successful, client-facing junior associates and analysts at NovAzure, I would say that an engineering background with an interest in economics and business has been very advantageous. However, if you study business or social science with an interest in technology, you would do more than fine. Personally, I believe that varied backgrounds make up the best teams.

Thank you Henrik for answering some questions and giving an insight into your experience working at NovAzure, linked here is Henrik’s LinkedIn page.

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