In a world where every decision has an environmental consequence, our commitment to sustainability isn't just a choice; it's a moral imperative. As stewards of this planet, we understand the urgency of the climate crisis and the pivotal role that businesses play in shaping our collective future.

At NovAzure, we're not just consultants; we're architects of change. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower businesses to transition towards a net-zero future. Through innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and unwavering dedication, we guide companies towards sustainable practices that benefit both the bottom line and the planet.

But our journey goes beyond profit margins and environmental targets. It's about people – the communities we serve, the employees we empower, and the generations yet to come. By harnessing the power of green energy, we're not just reducing carbon emissions; we're creating a world where clean air, clean water, and abundant resources are accessible to all.

Together, we can rewrite the narrative of our future. By embracing sustainability, businesses can not only thrive in a rapidly changing world but also leave a lasting legacy of positive impact. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter, greener tomorrow.

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Customer Stories

Creating business value through sustainability

Creating business value through sustainability

Shell is a global energy company that is looking at new opportunities for creating value

Securing Investments for a Sustainable Transport Vision

Securing Investments for a Sustainable Transport Vision

CityQ creates weather protected electric four-wheeled bike, designed for efficient and sustainable transport and delivery​

Powering Up Battery Startup with Expertise and Investment

Powering Up Battery Startup with Expertise and Investment

Anodox provides high capacity, high power batteries, and IoT modules. Anodox faced challenges in securing

Enhancing Market Position Through Strategic Licensing

Enhancing Market Position Through Strategic Licensing

Convion is a technology leader in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and Solid Oxide Electrolyser

Why NovAzure?

From Strategy to Implementation

Proven methodology to define Strategic roadmap and drive implementation, developed through hands-on experience and track record

Unique Set of Skills

Combined skills to drive towards Net Zero economy with Market expertise (Energy, Mobility & Cleantech), strategy, business model/offers development, project implementation

Large Eco-system in the NetZero Economy

Leverage our networks to of key corporates, start-ups, scale-ups & investors in Energy, Mobility & Cleantech as well as in adjacent industries


We help you deliver real value by keeping your focus on customers (and their needs) instead of being product-focus

Proven Value Led Approach (VLA) Go-to-Market

NovAzure has developed a proprietary Go-to-Market approach, pricing and value modeling to generate growth and superior value

Best of Both Worlds

We understand both start-up and corporate world, and blend effectively start-up agility and corporate structured approach

Some of the start-ups supported by NovAzure


Electric (EV) & Autonomous Vehicles (AV)
Fleet Solutions
Mobile Robots
Mobility Solutions

Energy & Cleantech

Energy & Data Solutions
Building & Home Solutions
Storage & Batteries, Hydrogen
EV Charging
Smart Cities Solutions
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