Accelerating Net Zero: Investing in the EV Ecosystem

NovAzure will be hosting another exciting episode of the Accelerating Net Zero series together with IDEALondon, EDF, UCL, EE on Thursday the 29th April 2021 (new date updated): Investing in the EV ecosystem.

The transition to electric vehicles (EV) is a vital part of achieving net zero, but it had been stuck for years with a chicken-and-egg problem. Until there were extensive networks of public charging stations, a critical mass of people would never feel comfortable driving EVs, but until a critical mass of people were driving EVs, there was no sense in investing in extensive networks of public charging stations.

Recently we have seen huge leaps forward in the deployment of EV charging infrastructure sector and the take up of EVs. We think it’s time to take stock and understand where the EV ecosystem has progressed to and what still needs to be done to accelerate the Net Zero Journey.

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