Clean Technology Pitch Event – Highlights

This week, we co-hosted a clean technology pitch event with one of our partners Brown Rudnick. We shared our outlook on the cleantech industry which reaffirmed our commitment to a greener future. The industry has performed well over the last few years and we are optimistic for the future trajectory.

When it comes to the pitch event itself, we are really impressed and energised by the quality of start-ups that made the cut – each showcasing top-notch innovation and technology capabilities.

As further icing on the cake, we are extremely proud that the start-ups we have been coaching and supporting bagged the top 3 spots for the ‘Most Fundable Company’ and ‘Best Pitch/Presentation’ awards. Big shout-out to David Craig (Iceotope), Mark Sorsa-Leslie (Beringar), Brian Allen (Rovco) & Theodore Zannakis (Anadox)!

The Most Fundable Company award is judged by a panelist of investors and senior leaders from global Energy and VC firms, whilst the Best Pitch/Presentation award is nominated by all attendees.

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