Aude Grasset

Associate Partner – UK

As a bilingual Sustainability Consultant, Aude offers creative insights and guidance to foster circularity, attain certifications, and navigate the journey towards Net Zero carbon emissions. Aude's journey towards a greener path was sparked during childhood summer holidays in a Pyrenean village. Conversations with a concerned local shepherd, worried about changing weather patterns, left an indelible mark. This, alongside the birth of her children, ignited her passion to guide companies in reducing carbon emissions and preserving nature. Her personal experiences now intersect with her professional mission, driving her commitment to shaping sustainable paths for companies, seamlessly merging personal convictions with professional aspirations. At NovAzure, she leads the NetZero+ training program, leveraging her diverse background from international account director to Associate Partner. Aude's passion for sustainability extends beyond consultancy to her role as a lecturer on climate change and sustainability leadership at Université Paris Dauphine - PSL (London campus). Armed with a postgraduate degree from Cambridge University's Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), alongside an MBA from Baruch College, New York, and a Maîtrise d'économie appliquée from Université Paris Dauphine - PSL, Aude is committed to crafting practical solutions for addressing climate challenges. Her dedication was sparked by a heartfelt moment when her 5-year-old son expressed concern about global warming, inspiring her career shift towards sustainability consultancy.



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