Christopher Gruen

Managing Director – London, UK

Chris, Co-Managing Director at NovAzure, embodies a transformative journey rooted in sustainability. With 17 years of experience as a global business design lead and programme manager in a major oil company, he possesses unparalleled expertise in project management, business transformation, and sales and marketing. Chris is a co-founder and industry pioneer, renowned for his adeptness in complex End-to-End business analysis and modelling. His enviable record includes leading commercial growth, multimillion-dollar IT transformations, M&A activities, and Lean/Six Sigma projects across the Fuel Downstream sector. Chris's primary focus lies in serving mobility customers in the Aviation and End Consumer space within fuel & convenience retailing. Hailing from Germany and having lived in various countries such as Spain and the Philippines, Chris's diverse background enriches his global perspective and commitment to sustainable innovation. His journey at NovAzure is driven by a passion to redefine business practices, fostering collaborative ecosystems and championing innovative startups towards a greener future.


  1. 1. Programme Manager for Shell UK Oil Products – Retail: Implementation of a business strategy work streams, including retail network change after a multimillion GBP sale of 185 company owned Shell Service stations to independent dealers.
  2. 2. Lead Offer to Cash continuous improvement programmes across 40 countries and several customer service centres centres across the End to End processes with the result of generating millions of dollars in cost savings, cash flow enhancements and increase in customer satisfaction
  3. 3. Designed and delivered business critical replacement of global invoicing and pricing systems (SAP and 10 connected applications) of $BN proceeds in the Global Shell Aviation Business across 40 countries.


  1. Shell, RWE DEA
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