Jean-Jacques Jouanna

Managing Director – London, UK

Jean-Jacques is a driving force behind NovAzure. As Co-founder and Managing Partner, he brings an illustrious 24-year career to the forefront, marked by 15 years of dynamic experience in the Energy market. His journey has seen him navigate global roles in Consulting at Accenture for 12 years and Industry positions at Shell for 11 years. Prior to his tenure at NovAzure, Jean-Jacques helmed Shell's digital revolution as the Global CIO for Customer Service, Digital ecommerce & Sales – B2B, orchestrating groundbreaking transformations with a user base of 5000 and an annual budget of £50 million. Spearheading initiatives such as Shell's digitalisation of e-commerce, Customer Service Centres, and Sales operations, his impact reverberates throughout the industry. Noteworthy is his pivotal role as Shell's IT Lead for the £70 billion BG Group Integration, showcasing his adeptness in navigating complex corporate landscapes. Beyond his corporate ventures, Jean-Jacques is a passionate advocate for innovation and sustainability, serving as a business angel in the CleanTech industry and as a Non-Executive Director for several companies. His unwavering commitment to driving positive change underscores his role as a visionary leader at the forefront of the industry's transformation.


  1. As Shell IT Lead for BG Group Integration (2016-2017) following BG $70b acquisition in Feb 2016, Jean-Jacques led a best in class programme (400+ people) to integrate all IT BG people, operations, and 1000+ applications within 9 months, exceeding target synergies.
  2. As Global CIO for Customer Service, Digital e-commerce & Sales – B2B (2010-15), he led the customer centric digitalisation of Shell e-commerce platform, moving all Customer Service Centres to digital and cloud solutions (15 CSC, 1.700 agents), and all 2500 Sales agents to Salesforce & mobile enablement.
  3. As Global CIO for Shell´s Lubricants Supply Chain, he Implement new plants capability, new planning systems and rationalised supply Chain systems to over 50 plans, delivering $25m/year enhanced value.
  4. In Accenture, his career covered Strategy definition, Change management, product design and deployment, in various roles across Energy, Telecom & Media, and Government. His last role (2001-06) was to lead a project with 200 people to deploy a New European Business Model and integrated SAP in Air Liquide.


  1. Shell, Air Liquide
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