Woon-Hui Oh

Partner – London, UK

Woon-Hui is a Partner at NovAzure, bringing over 17 years of invaluable experience in the Oil & Gas industry to our team. Throughout her career, she has held key roles in major business transformation initiatives, operational excellence projects, and strategic developments across renowned companies in the industry, including Shell, ExxonMobil, and Chevron. Woon-Hui's expertise extends to various domains, including finance, IT, procurement, and legal, giving her a comprehensive understanding of the industry's intricacies. Her commitment to sustainability is evident in her track record of implementing initiatives that drive environmental stewardship while enhancing operational efficiency. With a global perspective gained from working in diverse locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, the UK, and her native Malaysia, Woon-Hui brings a unique perspective to every project she undertakes. Her professionalism, expertise, and collaborative spirit epitomise NovAzure's ethos, contributing significantly to our internal culture and success as a flat management structure consultancy.


  1. As the Global Programme Manager for Shell Ethics and Compliance, increased ethical mindset & compliance through agile change initiatives, risk-based compliance framework and technology. Led the strategy development & implementation of global control frameworks for Information Management, Data Protection (GDPR readiness) and Joint-Ventures.
  2. As the Process Owner for Upstream Development, increased speed & quality in decision-making by driving performance through data, analytics and performance/process management. Help shaped the Continuous Improvement culture by establishing company-wide governance and leadership mobilisation.
  3. As Business Development Lead for Asia, increased value & productivity by the realization of business transformation opportunities (> US $ 5 mln). Improved efficiencies in Logistics, Productions, Sales, Supply Chain, Procurement & Costing by implementing standard processes/policies – focusing on customer value-added activities.
  4. As Customer Operations Offshoring Lead, Improved customer experience, operational efficiencies and cost performance via a global transformation programme that delivered > $50mln annually.


  1. Shell, Hewlett Packard
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