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The NovAzure ecosystem is where like-minded companies come together to accelerate innovation across sustainable energy, mobility, and cleantech. Always growing, it’s a dynamic blend of Start-ups, Scale-ups, Corporates, Investors and Partner companies.

As a member of our ecosystem, you can connect to create new offers and tap into new market opportunities.

Participants have told us that they appreciate the added value of NovAzure acting as a curator, deal-facilitator to catalyse commercialisation and leverage collective expertise to navigate complex challenges, foster innovation, drive growth and competitiveness. Attend events, engage in collaborative R&D projects and/or unlock funding opportunities to fuel your innovation journey.

NovAzure Ecosystem Activation

NovAzure’s Grant Agency Partners
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Within NovAzure’s vibrant ecosystem, you have better possibilities to grow and together, we’re shaping a brighter, greener tomorrow. Join us and be part of the change-makers shaping the future of energy, mobility, and cleantech.

Why Become A Partner?

NovAzure works with like-minded partners to provide a wide range of expertise to ecosystem participants.

From legal advice to grant funding, partners share their access to marketplaces to maximise their penetration and benefit from access to known customers, suppliers and partners.

We are always interested to hear from potential Partner companies that can enhance the value of the ecosystem to its partners.

Accelerating Innovation


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Accelerating Innovation
Accelerating Innovation

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