NovAzure advises The Waste Transformers on its €5M fundraise to accelerate commercialisation

London, 12th July 2023

The Waste Transformers, a leading provider of on-site waste-to-value solutions, recently secured €5M in growth capital, advised by NovAzure. This funding will be used to fuel the full-scale commercialisation phase of The Waste Transformers’ innovative solutions.

Globally, waste generation has reached approximately 2.2 billion tonnes annually, with an unfortunate rapid growth trajectory. Research reveals that 30% of all Greenhouse Gas Emissions are attributed to food waste. In response to this challenge, The Waste Transformers, a Dutch market leader, has developed cutting-edge “Waste Transformer” solutions. These solutions empower various organisations, including resorts, hospitals, football stadiums, supermarkets, and communities, to take responsibility for their non-avoidable food waste and transform it into value, on-site.

At the heart of The Waste Transformers’ offering is a small-scale, anaerobic digester housed within a 20-foot shipping container. These Waste Transformers convert food waste into biogas, which is then utilised as clean energy for local consumption. Additionally, the process produces biofertiliser which can act as a catalyst to further food production. Meaning that local communities living around the food waste producers can use this natural fertiliser to grow crops for local consumption. With a commercial track record across Europe, the UAE, and Africa, this new investment will propel The Waste Transformers into the next phase of their growth journey.

Lara van Druten, CEO of The Waste Transformers, expressed her appreciation for the support and guidance provided by the NovAzure team at this key stage of The Waste Transformer’s growth, saying, “NovAzure has been instrumental in helping us to secure our Series A fundraising, providing a wide range of hands-on experience and expertise to support us every step of the way.  It was an easy decision for us to make to continue working with NovAzure to accelerate the scaling of our business.” 

Jean-Jacques Jouanna, Managing Director of NovAzure, shared his excitement about the transformative potential of The Waste Transformers, saying, “We are truly delighted to support them in their funding round and be part of their scaling journey. The Waste Transformers will play a pivotal role in decarbonizing millions of CO2e tonnes while bringing green energy, heat, and fertilisers to their clients and communities.”

The Waste Transformers is poised to revolutionise waste management and drive sustainability across industries and its recent fundraising will help to fuel its expansion and accelerate its positive impact globally.

About The Waste Transformers: The Waste Transformers is a Dutch cleantech pioneer, providing on-site innovative technologies to transform unavoidable food waste into sustainable energy and natural fertilisers, enabling local positive change.  


About NovAzure: NovAzure is a London-based advisory firm dedicated to fast-tracking innovation and supporting organisations in their journey towards achieving NetZero goals. With a focus on sustainable technologies and strategies, NovAzure empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of the clean energy landscape and seize opportunities for growth and environmental impact.


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